May 23, 2016

Creative Writing

Because of the way North American Rights work, I can not host a lot of my publishing writing on my own site. So, instead, you can find links to all of my work below. If you’re interested in reading anything that is not linked or any other work, I’d be happy to send it your way; just contact


“Enlightenment” appears on Funny in Five Hundred (2016)

“Stuck in Motion” appears in The Indianola Review’s online journal (2016)

“La Giralda” appeared in The Pitkin Review (2013) and in Z-Platt (2010)

“One for the Money, Two for the Show” is not published in print yet, but I read excerpts from it at Goddard College which you can view on YouTube (2010)

“One in the Chamber” appeared in Z-Platt (2009)


My Interview with author Chris Gavaler appears on the Saranac Review site (2014, originally 2009)

An interview with local filmmaker Colin Bannon appears on The Free George site (2010)

Violinist Martha Mooke’s interview appears on The Free George site (2010)