Site Moved to New $1/yr GoDaddy Domain


So, I know I just started my website… but it has moved already. This is my new, official website. I originally signed up for a site because it was free, and I thought it would be too costly to get What I discovered was that it would only be $11.99 for the year for the domain name and about $4.50 a month to have the site hosted by HostGator; however, I found coupon codes and promos for both and got for $1/yr and 1 month of hosting at HostGator for .01! I figured I would test it out first, then if I don’t like their service or think it’s not worth the $4.50 I could switch to 000webhost who host sites for free.Anyways, this is my new site and I think it looks pretty damn good! I spent a lot of time figuring out how to optimize SEO and really get this theme to work exactly the way I want it. I’m pretty close, but I still have some more work to do. Currently, you can see my publications and even read some of my stories/articles online, and you can see my teaching CV (if that is of any interest to anyone besides employers). Soon, I want to offering Editing Services in which I will not only proofread writing, but offer help with narratives, character development, diction, etc. I will even edit e-mails, cover letters, grant proposals, and any other non-creative work. Subscribe to my blog if an Editing Service is of any interest to you (especially since I will have Friends & Family, student, and recurring customer discounts) and you will find out when that service is live.

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