Guys Being Dudes

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So I recently discovered my new favorite literary magazine Barrelhouse. I don’t know how it took me so long to discover these guys, but their sensibility perfectly lines up with my own: they love good writing, but hate the pretentiousness of capital-L literature and writers/publications that take themselves too seriously.

They started something called the “Stupid Idea Junk Drawer” in which they post funny ideas that never manifested into longer works – and now they are seeking submissions that respond to some of their editors’ stupid ideas. The one that caught my eye, and still has me laughing every time I watch it, is a video called “Guys Being Dudes” (I know it’s an old vine, but it’s new to me). I plan to submit a respond to this video and I hope they like it, but either way, I want to share the video on my shiny new website because it is too damn funny (to me, at least).


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