The 8 Best Indie Horror Movies of the Last Few Years


These are, in my opinion, the 8 best indie Horror Movies from the last few years. Some I just watched recently and others have been favorites of mine for quite some time. Several different sub-genres are represented here, but the one thing they all have in common is they’re all very smart movies. And all of them are pretty damn scary — except The Final Girls which is more of a comedy. Note: they aren’t in any particular order.

Hush (2016)

The Invitation (2016)

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Finders Keepers: Custody Battle Over Severed Foot Turned into Documentary

FK Foot

I watched the documentary Finders Keepers on Netflix last night, and it was fantastic. It was funny and heartbreaking. It had a great hero and villain, both of whom went through incredibly transformative story arcs. I was laughing at and wanting to hate the seemingly evil redneck swindler, Shannon Whisnant aka the “foot man,” then minutes later he had me on the verge of tears. Then there’s John Wood who you can’t help but root for despite the terrible things he’s done. This movie has death, addiction, swearing, bickering, insane legal drama, family strife, and plenty of laughs – all centered around the discovery of John’s severed foot inside a meat smoker.

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