8 Awesome Lesser Known Covers on YouTube


Childish Gambino – So Into You (Original by Tamia)

There is no rapping in this cover. Who knew Donald Glover had pipes like this?


Catfish & the Bottlemen – Black Skinhead/Howlin’ for You (Originals by Kanye West/The Black Keys)

Fantastic mash-up of rock & hip-hop by a great up and coming band.


Daley – Chandelier (Original by Sia)

Everybody covers this song, but not like this. I’d like to hear any other male singer hit notes like this.

Jordie Davieson of San Cisco and Gossling – Somebody to Love (Original by Mark Ronson)

You may have never heard the original, or even these two artists, but trust me on how amazing this is.

Queens of the Stone Age – White Wedding (Original by Billy Idol)

My favorite band doing a rare acoustic cover of a huge 80’s hit.


Vince Kidd – Like a Virgin (Original by Madonna)

Another lesser known artist with amazing range. Note: it’s better to close your eyes during this one. He’s hard to watch but has the voice of a damn angel.

CVRCHES – Tightrope (Original by Janelle Monae)

This is a weird one I go back and forth on. I love Janelle Monae too much to not like her songs no matter who covers them though.

Arctic Monkeys – Hold On We’re Goin’ Home (Original by Drake)

And my all-time favorite:

What’s your favorite YouTube cover? Comment below.

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