8 Awesome Lesser Known Covers


Childish Gambino – So Into You (Original by Tamia)

There is no rapping in this cover. Who knew Donald Glover had pipes like this?

Catfish & the Bottlemen – Black Skinhead/Howlin’ for You (Originals by Kanye West/The Black Keys)

Fantastic mash-up of rock & hip-hop by a great up and coming band:


Daley – Chandelier (Original by Sia)

Everybody covers this song, but not like this. I’d like to hear any other male singer hit notes like this:

Jordie Davieson of San Cisco and Gossling – Somebody to Love (Original by Mark Ronson

You may have never heard the original, or even these two artists, but trust me on how amazing this is:

Queens of the Stone Age – White Wedding (Original by Billy Idol)

My favorite band doing a rare acoustic cover of a huge 80’s hit:



Vince Kidd – Like a Virgin (Original by Madonna)

Another lesser known artist with amazing range. Note: it’s better to close your eyes during this one. He’s hard to watch but has the voice of a damn angel:

CVRCHES – Tightrope (Original by Janelle Monae)

This is a weird one I go back and forth on. I love Janelle Monae too much to not like her songs no matter who covers them though:

Arctic Monkeys – Hold On We’re Goin’ Home (Original by Drake)

And my all-time favorite:

What’s your favorite YouTube cover? Comment below.

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