Reading of “One for the Money, Two for the Show” from 2013

I figured I would re-share this YouTube video of my reading from 2013. I read this in the Haybarn Theatre at Goddard college as part of my graduating student reading. The story is called “One for the Money, Two for the Show” and is a humorous PG-13 tale with characters based loosely on my parents. The story follows Charlie & Ginny’s (yes, they share my parents’ names) quest to find an Elvis impersonator for their Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation BBQ event in Lake George, New York.

Readings were limited to ~15 minutes so I decided to take little vignette excerpts from throughout to give the audience a full idea of the narrative. You can get a good sense of the whole story based on these excerpts, and I thought that was more beneficial than just taking the first few pages. Notes: 1) The first 30 seconds, including my dedication to my parents, is cut off and 2) there is some mature language and themes. Enjoy!

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