Not Voting When Bernie Loses is Childish

Please, please stop this “Bernie or Bust” nonsense. I generally like to stay away from politics, and will probably never (or rarely) post anything political again, but I can’t stand this movement. Sure, Bernie could be great and he’s the candidate most aligned with my own political beliefs that I’ve seen in my twenty-seven years, but it is so childish to stomp your feet and not vote for Hilary when she becomes the Democratic nominee. How could you possibly say you support Bernie then not vote and let the polar opposite candidate move into the oval office with little resistance? That is foolish, selfish, and just plain ignorant. We get it, you don’t like Hilary, but please don’t actively help Donald Drumpf by not voting.

Arguing about politics is mostly pointless and I never want to bother with it; I’ll just ignore all the Facebook posts I see. But this election is different… we have a rich, racist, sexist clown with no political experience who lies through his teeth running  (and doing well) for President. Let me describe a real image I saw that perfectly sums up what confuses me the most about Trump’s rabid support:

While driving home from Syracuse, my fiancée Loreal and I saw a lawn in Chateaugay, one of the smallest towns in Up-Up-Upstate New York, with about a dozen signs on it. About four of the signs were pro Trump and the rest were “Support the 99%.” That is both so ironic and confusing, and, quite frankly, wholly ignorant. How could you have a sign supporting a presidential candidate in the top 1% with a 99% supporter sign right next to it? Not only does this person support a one-percenter, but a one-percenter who cares less about anybody in the 99% than any other extremely rich person in America. At least insanely wealthy actors like Sean Penn are somewhat charitable – albeit pretentious as shit, but that’s a different rant for a different day. If you think Drumpf cares about anybody more than “The Donald” then you are sorely mistaken. The guy had a reality show in which he became famous for firing people… I mean come on!

So, in summation: I’m not going to say don’t vote for the tiny-handed orange buffoon, because that’s a given, you shouldn’t. What I’m going to say is stop whining about Bernie losing and join the rest of the adults who are going to support the next best candidate in Hilary Clinton.

And lastly, if you are a Trump supporter or are on the fence, please watch this informative, entertaining segment by Last Week Tonight (which also explains why I call him “Drumpf”). The video is not biased in any way and it takes political views out of the equation. Let me be clear: I am not at all saying don’t vote Republican or don’t vote for Bernie in primaries or anything like that, and neither are they in the video. Instead Oliver and company just point out Trump’s lies, inexperience, and ineptitude. Enjoy and comment below on what you think.

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