Why a website? To promote myself. Gross, I know, but it is something I’m going to have to eventually do should I receive a modicum of success. So, I crawled out of my digital cave and updated my Facebook, created a Twitter account, and started this site. The reason for this? I have been accepted for publication by the Indianola Review. I can’t believe I’ve been sitting on over 150pgs of fiction and another 50 or so pages of humor/essays since I graduated from Goddard in 2013 because I thought I wasn’t “good enough” and insisted my writing “wasn’t ready” when, in reality, it may have been.

Well, after a handful of conceptual humor rejections from McSweeney’s, I decided to finally submit my first Fiction piece. And it got accepted! I’m one for one in Fiction submission. It is kind of surreal after hearing all these “reassuring” stories in graduate school; you know the kind, the literary equivalent of Michael Jordan getting cut from his JV basketball team, “Famous Author X got rejected 100 times before getting published and kept every single rejection letters” and the like. Now I’m not saying this to brag as I’ve sent out about 10 pieces and am sure to get 9 rejections back — I just happened to get the acceptance first. I am bringing this up, however, to prove a point about fear. Those supposedly reassuring stories did not “reassure” me but rather scared me. I thought “well, if Hemingway got rejected his first two dozen times then I’m going to get rejected my first twenty dozen times so I better wait until this story is damn good.” Well, there’s no sense in waiting so damn long! I finally forced myself to submit and put myself out there and it is starting to pay off.

Part of forcing myself to get out there is re-joining social media (though I never really left… just stopped using it) and starting this site. This time I’m getting ahead of myself instead of hiding behind fear. I’m preemptively (and quite possibly pre-maturely) starting this site in the hope that I have more publications to list and potentially a book to sell in the near future. Wish me luck.

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