May 23, 2016

Editorial Writing

I currently contribute to Pop Culture Beast, Nerd Much?, and BuddyTV, and in the past I contributed work to Games and Junk as well as The Free George Magazine. I cover all manner of things that interest me from video & board games to horror movies to stand-up comedy. I’m also open to reviewing any and everything. While I may not have as much time to contribute to Pop Culture Beast and Games and Junk any more, I would like to give them a special shout-out because people at both sites helped me a lot in getting my internet writing career going.

You can find my author pages on these sites via the links below. You can also read entries on my personal blog, but I can’t guarantee that it’s up to date. Please share and comment on my articles; I’ll be your new best friend. Enjoy!


Various movie, TV, comedy, and video game reviews can be found at Pop Culture Beast

Video game reviews can be found at Nerd Much?

Various DVD and Film reviews appear in The Free George Magazine (2010)

News, Articles, and Listicles

TV shows recaps, listicles, and other TV-centric writing can be found at BuddyTV

Opinion pieces and other nerd culture commentary can be found at Nerd Much?

Other, less nerdy, pop culture news coverage can also be read at Pop Culture Beast

Local news pieces and event articles appear in The Free George Magazine (2010)